What is COSM?
What is COSM?

COSM (Creation of Sustainable Materials) specializes in the development and production of additional sustainable products alongside our leather production. All COSM products are made by following our LITE manufacturing processes minimizing carbon footprint, water and chemical consumption.


COSM materials are


  • an additional sustainable option alongside leather
  • made from mushroom, mycelium and other plant based materials
  • biodegradable
  • circular products


What makes COSM materials special?


  • The products will create a low impact on the environment and will be a complementary material to leather
  • No additional chemicals are used in farming.
  • The mushrooms are farmed on wood chips and rice husk
  • Mushrooms unsuitable for human consumption are used for the production
  • Only dehydrated mushrooms are transported to our TTL production facility reducing CO2 impact
  • Mushrooms are an amazing fast renewable natural organism. Due to its rapid growth, its feedstock availability is almost unlimited
Our Products
Our Products


HyphaLite HP is the first product launched under COSM. HyphaLite, composed of two individual words: Hypha, from the modern Latin hyphae, is a structural element of fungi (Mushrooms) and Lite, known in the leather industry for our LITE system, minimizing carbon footprint, water, and chemical consumption.

• >90% bio-based*
• An alternative to petro-chemical based synthetics
• Biodegradable
• RSL Compliant

*Results from test method ASTM D6866-21

Coming soon.